Cost effective measures for keeping cool temperatures in the apartment

Cost effective measures for keeping cool temperatures in the apartment

While there are umpteen methods to keep an apartment warm during winters, the same cannot be said for keeping the apartment cool during summers. Heat can get unbearable at times, and it is a challenging task to keep cool without the use of bill increasing air conditioners.

Staying in the apartments in Birmingham Alabama, there are several ways to beat the heat at home. Firstly, keeping the curtains closed will avoid sunlight from streaming in during the afternoons when the sun is at its maximum. Accordingly, there

will be less heat in the room. Keeping the windows open and hanging a wet sheet of cloth against it will also help, as the wind will be cooled with the moisture laden sheet. Remove all rugs, carpets and thick rugged flooring, as this will keep cool down the floor and consequently the feet. Avoiding the use of blankets will be a good option too. Instead, thin sheets could be used during sleeping times. Also, getting a fan for the room, moving at a low setting, will keep a light breeze and work wonders on the heated room.

Drinking water frequently will also help cool the body, besides methods employed to keep the apartment cool. Air conditioners are a good option to cool the whole apartment, but they come with a cost. Sometimes, it could be switched on for an hour and then switched off again. This will keep the apartment cooler for more than 2 hours, if all doors and windows are tightly closed. Also, this will help save some costs by way of rising bills. A good alternative to using air conditioners in the apartment is to keep a bottle full of ice directly in from of a moving fan. This will work as effectively as using an air conditioner, which is noisy. The only thing to be done here is change the ice bottle every 2 hours. This will help in an effective long nights sleep without any heat related disturbances.

These are the methods employed around the apartment to cool it down. Similarly, several methods can be undertaken to cool individuals, like ice packs, cold water, cold showers, light cotton clothing, and spray mists can be used. Avoiding slippers while at home, and walking barefoot is good for cooling the feet. Additionally, for the apartment, keeping the windows open will help in air circulation and moving air is always better than still air. This moving air will help cool surroundings and the heated apartment. Apartments can be cooled using one of the several methods mentioned, and fortunately for tenants who do not stay on the top most floor which experiences the most heat, an apartment on top will ensure the sun doesn’t directly heat the ceiling.